About Me

Being raised Catholic straight from the womb, it didn’t seem strange when I was a child and would see halos around different people or when I heard a voice during prayer.  I mean, every Sunday I would sit for an hour in a church with walls lined with portraits of people with halos, and we turned wine and bread into the blood and body of Christ. We heard stories of angels, burning bushes, miracles. It felt more than normal that I had these experiences. Even during my confirmation,  I could feel an energy shift inside; I could feel my soul changing.

As an adult, I now realize that those experiences aren’t…. universal. Realizing that some people don’t see this side of things, I want to use this connection I have to help souls here on Earth. I don’t think things are as black and white as some people believe. I believe we’re here to accept others and help each other on our soul journey.

So this is why I created this site, to help people enjoy their journey while they’re here. From finding happiness through spirituality to enjoying the oddness of the human experience, I want to cover it all, because life itself is strange and should be enjoyed to the fullest. I mean, we’re creatures existing in an empty Space living on a spinning ball of rock, sustained by a giant ball of glowing gas that emits enough energy to grow life for us to consume and continue living. We’ve built and destroyed civilizations, cured diseases, made ourselves ill, created language, birthed generations… okay, now I’m rambling. But seriously,  we’re amazing and we deserve to find happiness.