Practicing Mediumship Mid-Pandemic

If you couldn’t tell with my last blog post being from Feb 2019, I’ve been dragging my feet far too long on this whole writing thing. But tonight it’s the Flower full moon, and the last super moon of 2020. Regardless that it’s in Scorpio, all that blossoming energy must mean something, right?

So let’s just jump right into how I got here, studying mediumship in a pandemic.

If you know anything about mediumship, or don’t, where you’re at mentally or emotionally can disrupt the connection with spirit. So doing this all during a stressful time has been, not ideal. We’ve been thrown into this new, chaotic world, where people are claiming conspiracy around every corner, and I’m just trying to figure out how to make bread in the air fryer, protect my cats, and talk to ghosts. A moment of quiet and sanity is few and far between.

So as the world was being thrown into this new hellscape of a reality, about 3 or 4 weeks before Illinois declared stay-at-home orders, I went to my first Spiritualist service. Now understand, I didn’t know I was going to an actual service. I thought I was going to a talk about manifestation with my semi-local medium, Mark, so the whole service thing caught me a bit off-guard. I grew up Catholic, so it felt like it was definitely breaking a few rules.

During the service, they start with a laying of the hands — Reiki is my jam, so this was actually pretty cool to see. Then there was a reading and prayers, sort of like the Catholic masses I’m used to attending, but in a more interactive format. Then in there somewhere was the talk about manifestation as the sort of homily part of the service, and then came the readings. They don’t call them readings during the service. More like, testifying? validation of their faith? Obviously I took great notes.

So, the mediums start asking people one by one if they’d want a message, and people would stand, dead family or spirit guides would say hi, and they’d sit, and on to the next.

But they get to me, and my message is I’m a natural healer (reiki, so cool), and I could be giving messages like them, and if I don’t start using these skills by August, I will HAVE to. Right right right cool cool cool. Thanks. Sit. On to the next member, oh brother is here to say hi. ……. and cue my internal screaming — HOLY SHIT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN AUGUST.

So I talk it out with my aunt who is very rational but also very woohooy. We’ve decided I’ll be losing my job in some way *gestures at pandemic*. I used to joke that in order for me to get the message from spirit that I would need them to put it on a 2×4 and hit me with it. I’d call that a pretty clear 2×4 moment.

It just so happened that later that week, our family friend who is also a psychic was hosting a mediumship 101 course. I don’t believe it’s coincidence that we’re in such good company of all these woohooy people.

But even with the warning from Mark, I wait and wait and wait until literally an hour before the class starts to sign up. It wasn’t cheap. But turns out for me it was totally worth it. One of the things we need to do is to keep a log or journal of some kind of all the validations we get, so when we have trouble connecting, we can look back and reaffirm that we are able to pick up stuff, and maybe it was just a bad match/time/mental state. Makes sense. Speaking from experience, it isn’t always easy to make or keep a connection. And you develop your own symbolic language with spirit. So, best to take notes the whole time. Again, I drag my feet on this, because sometimes I’m the worst — my guides must love me a lot to stick around.

So after like, 2 classes, I got curious with the spiritualist church again, because the other medium giving messages felt like such a character, think an older Kristen Wig type character, or like the old NPR skits, but into spiritualism, and I loved loved loved it. I just had to try and get her to read me to see what she’d say. After that I was planning on visiting my local holistic shop to look for a cool notebook to start keeping notes. And also get some fancy olive oil. It was going to be a whole day.

Y’all…. you will not believe. The lady medium calls on me. I stand. Part of her message, she saw me with a ledger taking notes. Like the notebook I’m about to go buy after this service to keep my readings and validations in for the mediumship class I just started, that none of them know about. The one I kept mentally going back and forth on because taking notes is eh. Ok thanks. I sit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT AHHHHH WHAT’S HAPPENING IN AUGUST.

I know this is real. I do it. I pull through stuff for people. But even though I know, and I feel, and I channel, I still am very skeptical because it is so outside of my realm of thinking in the physical world. And I grew up with a lot of this weird stuff happening, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but, geez. So just know, if you’re here reading and thinking it’s bullshit, I can guarantee you that I have had the same thought cross my mind many times, and probably about the same things you are.

Back to it, so I go through the class and get great validations, and then they push the course for people who want to go pro. It’s now, or November. …..but November is AFTER August. I AM ON A DEADLINE. I sign up, throw some more cash at them, and again, awesome validations that I actually have something here.

Since the class, I’ve done readings for friends, and it is so weird, because sometimes it’s all pretty visual, and I had one that I didn’t have much visual going on but what felt like every nerve in my body was jumping and giving answers. And then some suck to be totally honest. Some don’t make any sense. But it is the coolest thing when you can play the role of translator and connect and bring through a message for someone down here to help them grieve, or give them some sort of comfort knowing their loved one made it, or is still present, just sans body. And you realize it’s such an honor to be that channel for these spirits to have their voices heard.

This spirit realm that I’ve dabbled in, it’s fascinating, and light, and dark, and everything in between. I have my guides only allow through people who have crossed through God’s healing light, because I don’t feel like figuring out earth bounds just yet, and I’d rather not attract anyone with a violent history, so there feels like a bit of structure in channeling that way. And I’m seeing more wisps now. More shadows moving. And now, after all this, I’m not afraid of what comes next. Whether it’s what happens in August, what happens with the pandemic, or what happens after all this lifetime. When I’m feeling helpless, I always tell myself the Universe provides, and right now, I’m feeling that more than ever.

If you’ve made it through the post this far, props to you. And maybe you should consider if you’re called to spiritual work too. Maybe this is the sign you need to push you onto your life path. Hell, this may even be your 2×4.

If you’re curious and want to learn more and maybe blossom your own gifts, I really enjoy getting my woohooy on listening to the podcast Psychic Teachers and Enlightened Empaths.

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