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Review: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

This is a personal review of a product I bought with my own money and time. I was in no way compensated for this by the author or publishing company. This review does contain Amazon Affiliate Links, which compensate me for any successful transactions linked to this review at no additional cost to you.

Hi there,

It seems our souls have crossed paths with our shared interest in the oracle deck The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.

Fabulous! Welcome to the family!

This deck is truly different than any of the other decks I own. This was my third of four oracle/tarot decks, and its magic and interpretive designs are still making it my go-to in my reading rotation.

First glance

This deck comes in a sturdy case with magnetic flap lid and slipcover. When opening the box, you’re greeted with the guide, and underneath, the deck in its own holographic box. The case, guide, and deck’s box all share the artwork of the dragon’s eye. Both the case and the deck box have a ribbon inside for easy removal of deck box/cards.

On the inside of each box is a phrase to motivate and get you into the reading spirit. (Nice touch)

The Guidebook

The Guide has a thick cover, though it’s not what I would call hardcover. The pages are printed in black and white, though in my opinion that doesn’t detract from the experience and lets you notice other details that could be overlooked if actual the card is colorful. The first few pages have the standard title pages, publishing info, a dedication page, and a table of contents. Then the author, Kim Krans, adds a personal story.

The first section tells you how to understand the deck. It talks about the different elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit), reading cards, etc.

The next section is how to use the deck. This includes another story opening, and follows with care, questions, and reading layouts.

Following that, the guide gets into a section of deeper insights — looking at the relation of the animals, the food chain, the web between them. It really is there to add depth to your readings, but if that’s intimidating at first, don’t let it scare you — it’s not that bad, nor does it need to be top of mind when you start getting familiar with the cards.

If you thought all that was fun, page 57 (holy crab pg. 57?!) starts the meat of the guide: the card descriptions. The cards are separated by element and follow a general path of least to most spiritual meaning. For example, for the Earth element, the first card is Bear because he’s waking from his spiritual slumber, and the final card is Horse because it provides reliable and supportive momentum for Earth energy.

Each card has its own description including key words, a longer description, what happens when the spirit is in balance, out of balance, and how to get it back in balance.

Earth, Water, Fire and Air are all treated like the Minor Arcana, while the Spirit element is more like the Major Arcana.

The Spirit cards’ descriptions also include what chakra the card relates to and how. I thought that was a nice touch and I’ve definitely used it to give deeper readings.

My only issue with the guidebook is a couple of the longer descriptions left me scratching my head and I had to reread them later to fully absorb them. But those were few and far between.

The Deck

The cards themselves have a soft touch. They aren’t too thick, but they also aren’t flimsy. They feel easily managed in my hands without feeling stiff or too cheap.

The back design is a scale-like pattern in a light grey.

The front of each card has a drawn design of each animal/spirit. At the top of the card is the symbol for the element, and the bottom of the card has the animal’s name. Some aspect of almost every card is colorful. Some, like the Lizard, Bee and Tarantula are radiating with colors throughout, while some only have a dash of color, like the Elephant and Zebra. I think the only cards without color are the Raccoon and the Hyena.

While I love the use of color, my favorite aspect of the artwork is how the Spirit cards’ symbol is holographic like the packaging. Little touches like that have always made me appreciate the work of the artist even more.

The artwork is thoughtfully done, stunningly beautiful and a treasure to admire on its own.

In Action

My favorite part of any oracle deck is actually using it. This deck is a little different than others I’ve used because a lot of the animals are ones I’m familiar with and have some sort of prior connection to. Because of that, I can use some of that knowledge in my readings. It’s not like you’ll be scrambling looking up the suite while trying to remember numerology or searching for clues in the cards as to its meaning. At the same time some aren’t straight forward, but none felt like major reaches in terms of how the artist defined them.

And as you use them more, you’ll get a feel for what each means for you if you can’t read them right away.


In the end, this deck offers an enjoyable oracle reading experience that I believe would be a bit more accessible to beginners than other decks. While there will still be some learning, you won’t be entirely in the dark. Plus the artwork is fantastic, and you can really see the effort that was put into this deck.

Welp, that’s it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this review of The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck! Now, go forth and live your best life.


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